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Introduction of * Gau Prasad*

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Company: Gau Prasad
Type of seller: Farmers
Experience: 2018

Gau Prasad: As name appears, our team feels that all our products are prasadam of goumata, in the sense all our products are made from desi gomaya, desi gomutra, natural herbs and natural materials. Gau Prasad team is working towards making cow self sustainable by making these products. All amount received by selling these products is used for taking care of desi cows. Also with help of desi cow our team in generating employment in rural India. We are coming up with these products to save our present and future generation also our mother earth, by using these toxins/pollution free products. Even the water used for cleaning in combination with these products can be naturally reused without involving any further processing. Use natural products, become nature lover and have a safe, healthy living. We have a vision to see our mother earth blooming with joy, so please join us in our mission.


GauPrasad Team is working with local Gaushalas and GauPalaks to make Gau mata self sustainable. Currently we have GauShalas at Belagavi Udupi Bengaluru and Nellore We have total 100 cow and 5 families working on this project.

How It's Made

All our products are made using pachagavya products. Panchagavya: 1. Gau Maya 2. Gau Mutra 3. Gau Dugdha (Milk) 4. Gau Dadhi (Curd) 5. Gau Ghrit (Ghee)


Gau Prasad Products

Bath Powder
Bath Soap
60.00  60.00
60.00  60.00
Desi Cow Ghee -A2 Ghee
Desi Ghee from A2 Milk
1600.00  1600.00
Pranashakti Nasal Drops
60.00  60.00


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